4 Most Commonly Used Packaging Design For Wine Bottles

images9Packaging design wine bottles has as much as significance as that of wine labels in the overall wine presentation. Although, a large number of customers pay attention to the wine label design at first, it would be too ignorant of wine makers to assume that the structural design of wine bottles plays minimal role in enhancing the overall appeal of wine. Wine labels are the first point of contact between a wine and customers, resulting in drawing them towards a wine. When a customer is induced to pick it up from the shelf, he also pays attention to the structural design of wine bottle as well its shape and curves.

The majority of wines that are displayed on the store shelves come in 1 of 4 bottle shapes, which will be discussed in this blog.

The Bordeaux Bottle: If you are a red wine lover, you can’t be mistaken about this type of wine bottle design because current popular red wines probably come in Bordeaux or claret bottle. This bottle sports distinctive “high” shoulders which makes it visibly different from a burgundy bottle. Another reason for high shoulder design may be to hold a sediment in a bottle. The bottom of the bordeaux bottle has a high indentation, also called as a punt or kick up. The bordeaux is the most extensively used packaging design for wine bottle today.

The Burgundy Bottle: The burgundy bottle is more stylish, with its low, curvy shoulders, long neck, and delicate style. Its body is a little wider as compared to the bordeaux bottle. This bottle design is the most preferred choice for fruit wines and rose wine.wine_wine_glasses_red_82085_1920x1080.jpgThe Champagne Bottle: Champagne bottles are more thick and sturdy as its contents are under more pressure. These bottles have a deep punt on the bottom, gently sloping shoulders and sleek body. These are called champagne bottles but its not just champagne that goes into it, even sparkling wines need same sturdiness.

The Hock Bottle: Tall, slender, with delicate neck is an ideal description of these wine bottles which come in plenty of colors. Used most frequently for dessert and riseling wines, it owes the origin of its shape to France or Germany.


Making Wine Bottle Label

Making a customized wine label for natively constructed wine or for an extraordinary event is not something you do regular so you may have a couple inquiries regarding picking name sizes. We’ve a lot of data on our site about making name work of art, so this post will address what estimate label fits your wine bottle. You have two options when re-naming wine you purchase to present as a blessing. You can either cover the current wine name, or, as we suggest, splash off the current label and apply the new one. In case you’re about doing things the easy way then you’re likely just hoping to slap that sticker on the jug and go. All things considered you will need to make a name that fits over the one as of now on the bottle you purchased.

14For extraordinary events where you need to give a bottle with your custom name on it we prescribe you first buy the jug and afterward measure the current label. Wine bottle label design will guarantee finish scope of the old name on the bottle. Since wine labels are produced using an engineered material and are heavier weight than paper, concealing the old label is an alternative.

To put the new label on the bottle just draw the defensive sponsorship from one segment where there’s a crease. Leave some portion of the support on the new name. This will allow you to arrange your name on suppress without messing and having the whole label stick on screwy. When you have adjusted the name then force the rest of the support off and smooth the name far from the middle to every one of the four edges. This gives you a decent application without air pockets.

111While naming hand crafted wine the principal thing you should address is the bottle shape. Bottle shapes are verifiably picked by the wine makers from different areas on the planet. Genuine wine specialists recognize what’s in a wine bottle just by taking a gander at the shape! Vintners take after the conventions of their neighborhood it comes to packaging wine in the fittingly formed jug. So make certain to peruse on to see the jug shapes and what measure name fits them.

Affinity Creative offers amazing wine bottle packaging design. If you are looking for a personalized label then also they provide you with the best label design for you wine bottle.

Wine Bottle Packaging Design: A Synopsis of A Wine Brand

Wine Bottle Label Design is different then the labels of other food products and beverages. The labels acts as a summary of a wine brand as it contains all the relevant information related to the wine. The importance of the quality and an overall layout of the label design cannot be ignored because nowdays, consumers in the market are greatly influenced by the exterior appearance of a wine and they are bound to be drawn towards an attractively designed label and packaging.

Gone are the days when winemakers considered label and packaging design as secondary means of advertising and promoting their product. They used to lay more stress on the quality of the contents inside the bottle rather than paying attention to what’s outside. But those were the days when internet was yet to make its presence felt and competing brands were far and less. Even consumers did not pay attention to the quality of the Wine Bottle Packaging DesignWine_Choosing_Agency and they were satisfied with the quality of the contents inside a wine bottle.But things have changed and how! Every consumer, including you and me, gets really confused about which product to choose from the plethora of products on display on wine shelves. This is where packaging design makes its presence strongly felt as it helps consumers to simplify their decision making. This aspect of advertising is especially useful in a situation where nearly 60 percent of the purchasing decisions are made on the spot rather than pre-determining which wine brand to buy. In this extremely competitive and cut-throat market scenario, each manufacturer is making sincere efforts to make its product more appealing to consumers and an elegant packaging design is their last effort to engage prospective customers.

Consumers are greatly influenced by the Wine Bottle Packaging Design that is making its presence felt and is literally inducing consumers to buy it. If you are planning to launch your own wine brand, it is wise to hire the services of a creative packaging design company that can help your brand in carving a niche of its own by creating a long-lasting impression in consumers’ psyche.

Utilization of Customized Winery as Extraordinary Give-Away!

Have you ever been in a circumstance where you couldn’t locate the most imaginative and individual give-away for an extraordinary event? All things considered, a customized wine present would basically suit any event. Making your own wine bottle labels and putting individual messages, pictures and uncommon touches to make it personalized from beverage package design Napa is a definitive gifting that will most likely be appreciated.


If you are one of the numerous beverage lovers and collectors, you will think that it’s less demanding when your wines are labeled. It would be such a great amount of less demanding to search for that specific wine you need to use for a unique event. Be that as it may, you require not spend much on making your own particular bottles names since they can be simple and easy to make the length of you have the crucial materials to begin with. In spite of the fact that requesting beverage package design Napa for your wines is likewise conceivable, in certainty there are numerous sites where you can purchase or request these from – making your own particular Bottle names permits you to spare some cash as well as let you crush out your aesthetic ability, allowing you to put in as much points of interest as you need to make the name for your wine bottles additional customized.

You need the basic tools with a specific end goal to make your own labels. A PC, printer, best printable paper, glue to fix the label on the bottle, and match of scissors, wine name software tool, computerized camera and scanner are the things that you may need to make the labels. Utilizing a peel and stick names are favored and is much simpler. You essentially plan your beverage package design Napa on your PC utilizing the wine name programming, include the examined pictures you have picked, and exceptional messages you get a kick out of the chance to put in and basically simply print on it. After wards, you may slice the paper to the coveted shape and size that will fit your wine bottles. The main impediment of utilizing peel and stick names is that they are somewhat hard to evacuate if you need to reuse the wine bottles.

These bottle names are a decent approach to sort out your gathering. It is additionally a splendid thought to make your wine bottle show a mess more extraordinary and customized if you considered giving these as birthday gift or wedding give away. Clearly your guests would value it more as putting additional touches on your wine gifts would really ooze attentiveness and thought on your part which your guests would not neglect to perceive.