What Goes Into Creative Wine Labels

images9A large number of purchasing decisions of wine consumers nowadays are influenced and inspired by the Creative Wine Labels pasted on wine bottles. Wine industry witnesses an entry of a plenty of new wine brands that were never heard of before by consumers. They have no idea about how it tastes, what type of wine it is, and where it is coming from unless they sneak at its packaging to find relevant information pertaining to new wine brand. So it can be aptly said that wine labels are acting as the final medium of communication between a customer and wine brand, and because new entrants in wine market may struggle to woo consumers, wine makers are making utmost efforts on paying a special attention on the labels of their wine.

Merely creating a wine label will not do the job, its primary objective should be to induce prospective customers to buy the particular product. The biggest plus point in designing labels for wine is that it allows a lot of scope to talented designers to put their creative skills to the paper. They can get as much creative as they want with the labels without raising an eyebrow. However, it should be borne in mind as to who is the target consumer segment of wine brand so that wine label design agency can understand about the demographic of the area where it is going to be launched. Looking at things from customers’ perspective, designing team should understand what type of designs are likely to strike the chords of customers.


One of the unique features of Wine Design Agency is that they carefully incorporate all vital components of branding- your USP, your ingredients, country of origin, your manufacturing process etc,. Target customers should know what makes this wine special from other wine brands in the same category. Too drab and simplistic wine labels fail to stimulate the visual senses of customers and they are likely to ignore your wine completely because their eyes are feasting on other colorful and unique wine labels that are literally yelling ” buy me” at them. Latest advances in printing technology has allowed package designers to get crafty with labels by using bolder, brighter colors. Making a strong entry in wine market is crucial to determine the long term success of your wine brand.




Make Your Wine Brand Highly Visible With Creative Wine Labels

Labelling is an integral part of product packaging and designing. A great tasting wine without a label can be easily mistaken as a juice or vinegar bottle. Labels say it all when it comes to selling your wine in markets and if you notice Spellbinding and Creative Wine labels of international wine makers, you will notice that each one of them is designed to be presented as a piece of craft and this is the USP of most wine brands.

18Custom wine labels allow wine makers to make a brand statement to its target consumers in a short yet effective manner. Wine label says a lot about your brand and the quality you can expect from it. Along with structural packaging design of a wine bottle, wine label helps in differentiating your brand from other brands available for sale in the market. Some wine labels have had such a strong impact on the consumers psyche that they can identify the brand by merely glancing at it from the distance.

Designing Creative Wine Labels is not an easy task this work is best accomplished by dynamic and innovative graphic designers who use all of their creative juices to a piece of paper to design a classy and elegant wine label that can earn trust of the consumers. Some alcohol consumers are always on the look out for new wine brands and wine labels act as a great source of information for them. They can gather all the info regarding contents of the wine, country of origin, price and other legal information which is mandatory to provide by wine makers. Based on the information provided on a wine label and quality of the graphics, some consumers make purchasing decision at the spot rather than determining in advance as to which wine brand to buy.

The solitary aim of any wine branding firm is not only to create brand awareness but also to increase the brand visibility of your wine. An inciting wine label can engage the consumers and turn them into potential buyers. Neatly designed and informative wine packaging also acts as an affordable marketing and promotional tool for your business that will prove beneficial in the long run.

Get The Best Wine Design Agency For Unique Wine Labels

If are into wine industry and looking for some unique label for your wine bottles, then it is wise to choose for a creative wine design agency that offers you an array of designs. Indeed, getting a creative and unique wine label can enhance the reputation of your business. This is because if your design is attention grabbing, it will be noticed by many people especially the wine lovers. Also, this increases your sale and helps you to get succeed in your business. There are however, many such agencies that provide this kind of service, but you should look for one that has years of experience, team of creative designer and have reputation in the industry.images9

When looking for the creative wine labels, you should be clear of your motive. You should know the segment of customers you have to grab. According to these needs, the designer will design a creative label for your wine bottle.

The experts cover each angle while planning a packaging label. Other than label, data, brand, grouping and rate, they consider showing the temperament, feel and identity of the wine. Like, for a personal supper, the specialists will make a rich and darker plan, though for a light summer party, they will go for bubbly and fun labels. The plan label can be exceptionally useful for a wine learner to pick the bottle.

Along these lines, employ the best packaging planner for your business. Putting resources into a notable organization can take your business to another level of progress, while counseling an unexperienced firm may break down your business picture. Along these lines, pick astutely in the wake of making an intensive hunt on the web, reading criticism given by the general population who have as of now profited their services, or counseling your known ones who had encountered their work.

When you select any mainstream firm for your wine label design extend, the inventive architects will set aside adequate opportunity to totally understand each amenity, treacherous goody of points of interest significant to what makes your wine exceptional. Through this data and their innovative aptitudes, they will catch the substance of your image. If your wine has a variety of characteristics, then they will comprehend them in a better way to confer these uncommon qualities through creative design representation on your wine label. A good wine design agency will provide you many options when it comes to wine label design and so forth. With their experience and knowledge they will provide you with the best designs keeping your needs in mind.

index4Today, the Internet is flooded with these kinds of firms, so if you are looking some unique design for your wine bottles, then you should only go with professionals with good reputation in the market. Affinity Creative has earned a sound name and a good reputation in the wine designing industry. If offers the best creative wine labels that makes your business stands apart from the crowd without any complexities. You can get in touch with them, tell them your needs and give your brand a unique look.

Dress Your Wine Bottle Uniquely with Wine Bottle Label Design

When it comes to a wine packaging design, everybody knows the fact that a label for the wine bottle holds equal importance to the wine inside. Actually, it is on the top priority to design a good wine label that perfectly tells a particular story, represents the unique winery brand and the purpose it is for. Only in the case of wines such label would be once and for all remembered.

Basically, wine label is a unique product which rarely appears to be sampled in a showcase. But, now you will get a nice opportunity to look for inspirational designs within this industry. Wine label design is the modern and sophisticated way of showing wine’s character.

Wine labels form an integral part of the branding exercise of a winery. If you observe the labels of some of the leading wine brands in the world, you would realize that each of them is similar to a piece of art. There are endless possibilities about the design and looks of a wine label.


A wine label consists of information such as the variety of grapes used in making the wine, the alcohol content, whether or not the wine contains sulfites etc. All these things are not only legally important, but they are also important from a consumer’s point of view.

Custom wine labels are an interesting way to brand your wine in case you are a small or mid-size wine maker. The shape and size of the bottle is certainly important, but it is the label that will actually engage in a conversation with the consumer. And in many cases, it is the label and its contents that play an important role in helping the consumer choose one wine from the many varieties on display. A wine label displays your logo and brand name along with the contents contained in the wine bottle. For a small winery, getting a great label design sometimes be a tool to score over established brands. That’s the reason why small and mid-sized wineries should invest enough thought, time and money in making their wine label as great as the wine itself.

If you are looking for the wine bottle label design firm, then come with the Affinity Creative Group. They are offering brilliant, branding, packaging and wine bottle label design for your business. Their professional staff very well understands that design is about building trust and listening to, and understanding, what clients want.

So, enhance your sales with unique wine bottle label design.

Choosing Best Wine Bottle Packaging Design for your Winery Business!

Whether you are a winery or are in the midst of a furlough and need to send some bottles of wine to your home, it’s important to consider the wine bottle packaging design that you will utilize. There are numerous sorts of wine delivery boxes that are accessible based upon the development utilized and in addition what number of bottles that will fit at once.

The containers of wine measure bounty all alone, so it’s imperative to have the capacity to pack the wine into wine boxes without including an excess of extra weight. Something else, shipping expenses will be preposterous and that will affect the amount of wine will really be bought. It’s likewise critical that the bottles of wine don’t touch each other to abstain from breaking amid the shipment.

A significant number of the wine bottle packaging design will concentrate on a cardboard box with an addition that will be exceptionally fitted. The supplement can be made of cardboard or Styrofoam. Cardboard will frequently be composed light weight and will have bolsters that take into account different states of the bottles. This configuration will as a rule take into account the container to lie on its side amid shipment.

The other sort of supplement for within the wines boxes is Styrofoam. These are outlined so that the wine will stand vertically inside the case. Since, the Styrofoam is as of now cut and won’t take into account the same adaptability as cardboard; these will be for standard size wine bottles as it were. On the off chance that the bottles is longer or more extensive than a standard container, it will probably not fit within the Styrofoam embed.

There are different approaches to send a container of wine, however wine bottle packaging design with additions intended for wine bottles work best. This is on account of the additions will secure the glass bottle against effect. Shipping organizations are not generally delicate with boxes in spite of them being stamped delicate. To guarantee that you’re Cabernets and Chardonnays make it in one piece, wine shipping boxes will be the best decision.

When you have settled on the sort of packaging that you will utilize, the measure of wine being dispatched per box should be considered. It is conceivable to transport upwards of twelve bottles of wine at one time. Typically the Styrofoam additions will better take into consideration this, however there are cardboard ones accessible. On the off chance that you anticipate shipping a significant separation, Styrofoam will be the best answer for your wine shipping box. This is on the grounds that the additional pad will likewise keep the wine from getting excessively hot.

When you are searching for wine shipping boxes, you should consider the greater part of the different alternatives with the goal that you get your wine dispatched securely. In the event that you are just dispatching two containers versus twelve bottles, you will have the capacity to discover wine boxes that are particularly made for the different amounts. In the event that you are a vineyard, it’s essential to have a few distinctive sizes accessible to your clients so they can purchase as meager or however much wine from you as could be expected and realize that they have a method for getting it home securely.

Wine boxes can be obtained online and also in transportation stores. Each of the different sorts will have distinctive costs connected with them. While the Styrofoam ones will be more costly, they offer the additional pad that numerous individuals anticipate. On the off chance that your bottles are strangely formed, in any case, cardboard might be your exclusive arrangement. You will need to measure the advantages and disadvantages and select the cases that fit your needs best.

Strategies for Top Notch Wine Bottle Label Design

The right wine bottle label design can make or break your product! If your label looks like every other, it’s going to be just one more bottle on a shelf. With a creative label that pops, your wine will stand out from the rest. When it comes to wine sales, the key is catching customers’ eyes. Do that, and they’re more likely to stop and take a look at the wine.

Here are a few strategies to help you nail that wine bottle label design:

Use creative images – The image on your wine bottle is more eye-catching than the text. Without an attractive image, you won’t get people to stop long enough to learn more about your wine. Make sure that the image you use is catchy and attention-grabbing. Study your competitors’ bottles to see what kind of images they print on their labels, and make yours as original and outstanding as possible.


Tell a story – Everyone loves a story! Even if it’s just a few words or sentences, a story will sell your wine far better than any information. Tell the story of the wine’s origins, its production, or something else-anything to engage your customers’ senses and help them relate to the wine. Stories sell!

Make it inspiring – Instead of option for a stuffy wine label like all the others on the shelf, make your wine label something that will inspire others. Use bright colors that will add a cheery feel to the wine (if it matches your brand), or use quotes, anecdotes, facts, or witticisms to the label. This will help your wine bottle to stand out from your competitors’, and it will make your product as unique as possible.

Engage the senses – What sells wine? It’s not the fancy bottle or the label, but the promise of familiar, enjoyable flavors. It all comes down to the senses! If you want to increase the chances of someone picking up your bottle and thinking “I want this”, you’re going to need to engage as many senses as possible. Use words like “deep” to engage their eyes, tell them about the flavors to engage their taste buds, and give them the aroma notes to get their sense of smell involved. You can even use words like “velvet” or “smooth” to engage their sense of touch. The more senses you engage, the better!

Follow these strategies, and you can get that wine bottle label design just right.

Color Psychology 101: Colorful Packaging Design for Wine

When creating the packaging design for wine bottles, there is one thing you need to remember: catch your customers’ eyes, and they’re more likely to stop! The average supermarket or department store wine rack carries anywhere from 50 to 200 bottles of wine. Your wine label and packaging is going to have to be very eye-catching in order to stand out from the rest.

The key to arresting attention: color. Color does more than just catch the eye; it also communicates feelings and emotions to your mind. Understanding color psychology will help you get the packaging design for wine bottles just right.

Here is what you need to know about the colors you should use for your wine labels and packaging:

Red – This is the most commonly used color for wine bottles, simply because it tells about the wine itself. Dark red is often used for rich red wines like Shiraz or Merlot, while bright red is ideal for Pinot Noirs and softer wines. Red promises energy, warmth, and vigor, making it an ideal color.

Green – For bright wines like Muscat or Vinho Verde, green is an ideal color. It is a happy, relaxing color, but it can also hint at the rich, unique flavors that make these wines so highly sought after.


Pink – Pink is often a tranquil color, but when on wine bottles, it usually hints at the flavors of peaches, berries, or flowers. If you have a wine with heavy floral notes (think a White Zinfandel), pink is an ideal color to tell potential customers what to expect from the wine. It can also add brightness to the label of a deep red wine, or can tell customers that their dark red wine is lighter than the color suggests (like for a Pinot Noir).

Black – Black is a color that suggests stability, rationality, and virility. On a wine label, it usually hints at deep flavors (tobacco, smoke, oak, chocolate, etc.). It can make your label feel “authoritative”, and is the base color for most wine label text.

Deep Brown – This color pairs wonderfully with red and black, and it gives your label a classic, traditional feel. It’s not the most eye-catching color, but it can be paired with brighter colors for more appeal.

Of course, there are always colors like blue, yellow, purple, and orange, but they are harder to match with the deep red of your average wine bottle. They all have a place in packaging design for wine and beer bottles–you just need to know how to use them right!