4 Most Commonly Used Packaging Design For Wine Bottles

images9Packaging design wine bottles has as much as significance as that of wine labels in the overall wine presentation. Although, a large number of customers pay attention to the wine label design at first, it would be too ignorant of wine makers to assume that the structural design of wine bottles plays minimal role in enhancing the overall appeal of wine. Wine labels are the first point of contact between a wine and customers, resulting in drawing them towards a wine. When a customer is induced to pick it up from the shelf, he also pays attention to the structural design of wine bottle as well its shape and curves.

The majority of wines that are displayed on the store shelves come in 1 of 4 bottle shapes, which will be discussed in this blog.

The Bordeaux Bottle: If you are a red wine lover, you can’t be mistaken about this type of wine bottle design because current popular red wines probably come in Bordeaux or claret bottle. This bottle sports distinctive “high” shoulders which makes it visibly different from a burgundy bottle. Another reason for high shoulder design may be to hold a sediment in a bottle. The bottom of the bordeaux bottle has a high indentation, also called as a punt or kick up. The bordeaux is the most extensively used packaging design for wine bottle today.

The Burgundy Bottle: The burgundy bottle is more stylish, with its low, curvy shoulders, long neck, and delicate style. Its body is a little wider as compared to the bordeaux bottle. This bottle design is the most preferred choice for fruit wines and rose wine.wine_wine_glasses_red_82085_1920x1080.jpgThe Champagne Bottle: Champagne bottles are more thick and sturdy as its contents are under more pressure. These bottles have a deep punt on the bottom, gently sloping shoulders and sleek body. These are called champagne bottles but its not just champagne that goes into it, even sparkling wines need same sturdiness.

The Hock Bottle: Tall, slender, with delicate neck is an ideal description of these wine bottles which come in plenty of colors. Used most frequently for dessert and riseling wines, it owes the origin of its shape to France or Germany.


3 Reasons Why You Need New Packaging Design San Francisco

In today’s market context, the way you present your product to your intended consumers is definitely the key to your brand’s potential success in the near future. Aesthetic appeal of your Packaging Design San Francisco assumes all the more significance when your brand is a starter and people have no idea yet about the quality of your product or services. As a start-up brand, it is of paramount importance that your product catches the attention on the basis of its visually appealing packaging and presentation. This blog highlights 3 reasons why your product needs a creative packaging to engage customers. Read on to know more about it.


Aesthetic Appearance: Customers want to be impressed with creativity and artistic skills in terms of product packaging design. Packaging can make a big difference in influencing the shoppers’ purchasing decision as they can change their minds just because they found the packaging of your product too inducing too resist. If you have two products before you with same price and quality, it is given that you would go for one that impresses more with its aesthetic appeal and packaging. Hiring a Packaging Design Agency is a wise decision to improve the way your product is presented in the market.14

Budgetary Needs: Sometimes companies try too hard in making their packaging design look good that they end up burning hole in their pockets. Bulky and unattractive packaging can put-off customers in a big way and your brand’s image could be tarnished. A professional agency can save your lot of money by designing a package for you that suits your needs and requirements and compliments the character of your product.

Safety: Safety is highly crucial but this aspect is often ignored by a large number of manufacturers. Many products do not have safe packaging that results in them being destroyed/damaged due to constant movements during transporting. Therefore it is important that your product stays undamaged and safe till the time it lands in the hands of end customer so that he is satisfied.

The right packaging design ensures that your product is able to attract a large number of customers as well as keep it safe from any type of damage during handling.