How Practical Is Your Packaging Design For Wine

Some wine manufacturers assume that attractive wine labels is all they need for making their wine presentable and sellable in the market. However, the reality is far from it. When we talk of Packaging Design For Wine, it does not only mean its label but also the size, shape and functionality of the wine container. The more practical the product packaging, more sales it will help to generate. It is true that practically is the most overlooked aspect of packaging design, simply because customers often take the ”tried and true” route, which is a golden opportunity lost for innovation.

home1_op_v1You can always do necessary changes in your current packaging design to make it more user-friendly. It could be that you have made a killer product but your packaging design has failed to generate awe amongst customers because they find it uncomfortable to carry and store. May be your current Packaging Design Wine Bottles is too fussy or too cumbersome to carry around. It could be that the design and shape of the bottle is too plain to evoke customer’s interest. There are many aspects to packaging design than one and it begins with as diminutive thing such as the bottle cap. If a customer has picked up your wine from the shelf, it shows that your wine design agency has done a good job in drawing his attention. He is likely to go through the whole package instead of only browsing through wine label. Some customers have a tendency to focus on each and every aspect of the packaging because they make their assumptions based on the attention paid by wine makers to their packaging.

Looking at your packaging design from the consumer’s perspective will help you a great deal in solving many of your problems. Pick your wine and see how easy it is for you to carry around and store it. Did you find that its grip is not adequate, or is too heavy to carry around comfortably? Does its shape and design allows it to be stored easily? Ask these simple questions and see if you get satisfactory answers or not.


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