Strategies for Top Notch Wine Bottle Label Design

The right wine bottle label design can make or break your product! If your label looks like every other, it’s going to be just one more bottle on a shelf. With a creative label that pops, your wine will stand out from the rest. When it comes to wine sales, the key is catching customers’ eyes. Do that, and they’re more likely to stop and take a look at the wine.

Here are a few strategies to help you nail that wine bottle label design:

Use creative images – The image on your wine bottle is more eye-catching than the text. Without an attractive image, you won’t get people to stop long enough to learn more about your wine. Make sure that the image you use is catchy and attention-grabbing. Study your competitors’ bottles to see what kind of images they print on their labels, and make yours as original and outstanding as possible.


Tell a story – Everyone loves a story! Even if it’s just a few words or sentences, a story will sell your wine far better than any information. Tell the story of the wine’s origins, its production, or something else-anything to engage your customers’ senses and help them relate to the wine. Stories sell!

Make it inspiring – Instead of option for a stuffy wine label like all the others on the shelf, make your wine label something that will inspire others. Use bright colors that will add a cheery feel to the wine (if it matches your brand), or use quotes, anecdotes, facts, or witticisms to the label. This will help your wine bottle to stand out from your competitors’, and it will make your product as unique as possible.

Engage the senses – What sells wine? It’s not the fancy bottle or the label, but the promise of familiar, enjoyable flavors. It all comes down to the senses! If you want to increase the chances of someone picking up your bottle and thinking “I want this”, you’re going to need to engage as many senses as possible. Use words like “deep” to engage their eyes, tell them about the flavors to engage their taste buds, and give them the aroma notes to get their sense of smell involved. You can even use words like “velvet” or “smooth” to engage their sense of touch. The more senses you engage, the better!

Follow these strategies, and you can get that wine bottle label design just right.


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