Make An Excellent First Impression With Your Product Label

As any and every wine label design company will tell you, the label on your product is almost more important than the product itself! Without a good label, logo, and packaging, your wine will never sell. With the right presentation, even low quality wine can be moved in abundance!

Why does the product label matter?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Walk down the supermarket aisle, checking out the various bottles of wine on the shelves. Which are the ones that stand out? Are they the wines that look like every other bottle on the rack, or are they the ones with the unique, eye-catching labels?

Your customers’ first contact with your product will always be with your label or packaging. The appealing label will catch their eye and stop them long enough for a second glance. If the label arrests their attention long enough, they may pick up the bottle of wine and read the information on the label. Just getting this far is 50% of the battle won!


Sure, not everyone who picks up your bottle will buy it. Some won’t want the vintage you’re selling, or they’re looking for a specific type of wine. However, your target customer is the “browser”, someone who is looking for a bottle of wine without a clear idea of what they want. If your label is eye-catching enough and gets them to stop, that first interaction with your product may be enough to encourage them to give it a try. If the wine inside is good quality, the customer will be sold, and you may very well have a brand new loyal customer who purchases your wine every time.

But in order to get that customer to make the impulse purchase and try your wine for the first time, you HAVE to make an excellent first impression with your label. The label needs to make your wine stand out from the hundreds of others just like it on the shelves. After all, unless you’re bottling your wine in uniquely-shaped glass bottles, your label is the only thing that identifies your product for what it is.

Remember: 53% of supermarket purchases are “impulse buys”. You can’t hire someone to stand in the supermarket and pass out samples of your wine, so you have just one chance to make a good first impression. If your label can attract their attention, it may be enough to get them to purchase your wine!


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