A Guide To Choosing The Right Colors For Your Brand

Colors are A LOT more important than you realize! Each color has its own “feel”, and each evokes a different sensation or emotion within us. The right color can make people more receptive to your brand’s message, while the wrong color can trigger feelings of anger or annoyance. As every good wine branding firm in San Francisco will tell you, color really does matter!

So how can you choose the right colors for your brand? Here are some factors to consider:

Your main competitor – Coke is red but Pepsi is blue. The sodas taste almost identical, but the colors are very different. When choosing a color, consider the colors of your main competitor. Use the color wheel to find the opposite color from your competitor’s brand or logo. Remember, branding is all about standing out and being unique. You don’t want to resemble your competitor–you want to be as different as possible!

Cultural interpretations of color – Colors are not perceived the same the world over. In Asia, white is considered the color of death, while Western cultures see white as the color of purity. Consider your market very carefully when choosing colors. Understand how your culture perceives color!


Industry colors – Is there such a thing as an “industry color”? Well, what color represents the eco-friendly industry? Green! What color represents the red wine industry? Red! There are certain colors that are standard for your industry, so consider these colors as a means to represent your brand as clearly as possible.

Color combinations – Google and eBay both use multiple colors in their logos as a means of representing variety, but you’ll find that combining colors can have a number of different purposes. Consider using multiple colors for your brand to get the “feel” that comes from mixing and matching–such as the bold orange and purple of the FedEx logo.

The truth is that choosing the right color for your beverage package design in Napa is NOT easy. Your designer will need to understand color psychology, design theory, and more. But, in the end, it’s worth investing time into studying the effects of color on your clients, as it will help you to create a brand that will stand out, call attention, and represent your company and product as effectively as possible.


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